abril 14, 2021

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Warner Bros. cancels ‘New Gods’ from Ava Duvernay and Aquaman Spinoff from James Van

They are Tverney New gods And James Vance Trench According to, Warner Bros. is no longer developed at the company The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, And Variety. The two films set to explore two of the most extraordinary parts of the DC Extended Universe (DCUU) seemed to be interestingly diverted from the tone and style established in films like them. Justice League And Batman v Superman. But in the turbulent world of DC movie adaptations, nothing seems certain.

James Vaughan made a precedent for superhero movies Son of the Ocean In 2018, Brings an action-packed, slightly more silly energy to a cinematic universe that needs a lot of fun. In a cycle, Trench Van returned to the roots of the horror he had established Saw And The Conjuring. The creepy deep-sea fish kingdom joins forces in the original DC film of the Aquaman sky.

New gods Could have been even more important to the creation of DCU, exploring the new Genesis, the home planet of the new gods, who are rivals to the Darkseed who are the Thanos of DC Comics. Dwarney would have been the first woman to lead a DC superhero film New gods Went forward. Love & Basketball Director Gina Prince-Bythwood similarly made history Connected to run a Spider-Man spinoff. Now, both projects have been canceled.

Despite Warner Bros. ‘Deciding to Continue, Duvern celebrated his and author partner Tom King’s work on the project:

Just as often happens in Hollywood, just because any project is no longer in development does not mean that neither Durne nor Van will return nor continue to play with WarnerMedia’s superhero-shaped toys. In a statement to the press, Warner Bros. said it was looking forward to a continuing federalization.[New Gods and The Trench] It will be in their talented hands if they want to progress in the future. ”