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US Capitol Attack: Intelligence not pointing to the January 6 riots, says former police chief

“The breach of the United States Capitol was not the result of poor planning or failure to hold a demonstration,” Chund said in written testimony submitted to the inquiry.

Chand will testify with other law enforcement leaders on Tuesday, where Americans can ask for the first time why. Intelligence and operations failed dramatically On January 6, from the people who chose the crisis – a new security management system on Capitol Hill with information and information that will help shape the search for new leaders.

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs and Senate Rules Committees are conducting an open inquiry into how they, including former House Sergeant of Arms Paul Irving, former Senate Sergeant Arms Michael Stenker and Acting Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Candy, have experienced such a catastrophic failure in the future. Blocking.

Irving will testify According to evidence prepared by intelligence estimates prior to the January 6 attacks, they erroneously concluded that there was only one “remote” that was “impossible” for a civil unrest that day.

“Intelligence does not mean that there will be a concerted attack on Capitol.

At the closed-door hearing, Conte had already spoken before lawmakers, but the testimonies of Irving, Stenger and Sunt may be memorable. The trio played a key role in deciding how to prepare for the January 6 rally, however, the Americans did not ask any of them.

Sund has spoken from time to time. He came in a letter to the Congress leadership describing the decision-making process until January 6 and his response when the rally turned violent.

According to Suu Kyi’s letter at the time, he asked Irving and Stenger, who will form a police oversight team with the Capitol architect, to report to the National Guard before the event.

Irving said he was concerned about “optics” and did not feel the intelligence was supporting it. “Sergeant for the Senate, Stenger, asked Chund to be on guard if they needed them.”

Look for the new Capitol Police Chief

On Thursday, USCP President Yogananda Bitman is scheduled to testify at an open hearing before the House Appropriations Committee. It also means that for the first time Bitman will take questions publicly. He had previously appeared at a closed door trial In it he apologized to lawmakers.
FBI and Intel agencies hand over first documents to lawmakers ahead of next week's Capitol attack trial

His new testimony comes as authorities begin a search for a new USCP leader.

A congressional source told CNN that Congress was making progress by hiring an outside company to begin the search.

Many teams working together have already received explanations and documents from intelligence agencies as part of a number of studies.

Congressional sources told CNN that a joint review of the House Intelligence, Homeland Security, Oversight and Judiciary Committees last week prompted the launch of documents from the FBI, DHS and NCTC. In addition, they have received numerous explanations from three agencies.

The team already has access to intelligence products so far the documentation is largely complete.

The story has been updated with testimony from Tuesday’s hearing.