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The travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand starts on April 18th

(CNN) – New Zealand will allow Australians to travel to an isolated country, Prime Minister Jacinta Arden told a news conference on Tuesday, April 6.

The travel bubble is set to start at 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 18, Artern added. Australia New Zealand has allowed travelers to enter without isolation, and New Zealand is now following suit.

“This is an important step in our Govt response, which I do not believe we have seen anywhere else in the world.

Under the new rules, passengers will not be allowed to travel if they have a positive Govt-19 test in the previous 14 days or have flu-like symptoms. Explaining that the planes could be grounded again in the event of a new explosion or that passengers should be asked for PCR testing or isolation depending on the nature, the Prime Minister said the trip would “not be the previous cove”. And the origin of infections.

Artern also said that passengers coming from Australia will board “Green Zone” flights.

“That means there will be no passengers on that plane that came from anywhere other than Australia in the last 14 days,” Artern said, adding that “there has been no flying on any high-risk routes for a period of time.”

“[This] The travel bubble marks the beginning of a new chapter in our eager response and recovery, something that people have worked so hard for. This makes New Zealand and Australia relatively unique. I know family, friends and significant sections of our economy will welcome this and I know I will definitely do it, “said Artern.

The long-awaited “Trans-Tasman bubble” has its ups and downs. The project first floated in October 2020, but then turned into a one-way bubble Another wave of lawsuits hit AustraliaThat is, New Zealanders can often go to Australia without issue, but Aussies cannot go to New Zealand.

It was not the only “bubble” in the Asia-Pacific region that was ever expelled or postponed amid a changing epidemic.

Meanwhile, Fiji announced its goal Create the “flower bubble” With other countries in the region, including Australia and New Zealand, but the idea has not yet come down to ground level.
A bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore was set to launch in November Stopped The first flight is 24 hours ahead due to a small spike in Hong Kong.

New Zealand’s hard work in controlling the virus seems to have paid off. Just 2,524 cases and 26 deaths have been reported in the country since the outbreak.

Contributed to CNN’s Lilith Marcus Reporting.