abril 14, 2021

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‘SNL’ acquits Trump of the charge

Carlson, played by Alex Moffat, opened an episode of the NBC genre sketch show on Saturday, saying, “Is AOC hiding in your house now? I will not pass it on” and “Nicknames for dogs” “Simon. Everyone knows they ‘re boys.”

Then he immediately sen on his Fox News show starring Kate McKinnon. Lindsay jumped at the accusatory news by calling Graham.

“Thank you, Tucker. This is a great day for 30% of Americans,” McKinnon told Graham.

McKinnon’s Graham later explained that the investigation was now over and that the country could focus on real issues such as locking up Hillary Clinton and releasing Britney Spears.

Fake Graham then Sen. played by AID Bryant. Brought out Ted Cruz.

“Can I say the beard works,” Mofatin Carlson said.

“Well, you’ll be the first,” Bryant Cruz replied.

Moffatt Carlson then showed clips of Trump defense lawyers such as Bruce Castor, played by Mickey Day.

“Hello, Senate and other serious people, I would like to apologize for finally getting out of here. Wife bought Digoff,” Day Caster said. “As you all know, I’m the attorney general – no, sorry – I’m the advisor. I know the difference. Trump’s bail – no, not right, nothing.”

Finally, Moffat Carlson brought out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, played by Beck Bennett, to talk about why he voted to free Trump.

“Everyone knows you can’t blame a former president,” he said. “That’s why we should have blamed him when I said we couldn’t.”

Moffat’s Carlson then asked what he really thought about Trump.

“I think he’s a hell of a culprit and the worst person I’ve ever met,” Bennett McConnell said. “God, it was great. I’ve kept it around my neck for four years.”

The show’s famous catchphrase “Live … from New York! It’s Saturday Night!” Moffatt Carlson closed his section saying.