abril 14, 2021

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Power outages across the Prasos Valley affect tens of thousands of people

Brian, Texas (KPDX) – Many people across the Brazos Valley were left without electricity on Monday morning after the Texas Electricity Reliability Council (ERCOT) advised power utilities across the state to begin rolling barriers to help restructure the power grid.

ERCOT The state has declared “Energy Emergency Alert Three” and said a rolling failure is necessary. Rolling failures are temporary interruptions to the electrical service that last up to 10-45 minutes per side of the neighborhood, and they are necessary due to the imbalance between the available generation as a result of the electric load and the cold weather.

Brian Texas Applications Monday morning reported nearly 23,000 crashes. Rotating crashes will continue in the morning, but BTU said some crashes are weather related.

Mid South Electric Co., An utility company operating in the Grimes, Madison, Montgomery and Walker districts reported 2,039 crashes Monday morning.

Navsota Valley Electricity, Which has recorded more than 10,000 breakdowns for Robertson, Lyon, Freestone, Limestone, Brazos, Falls, Madison, Hill and McLennan districts.

Blueponet Electric Serves several Central Texas counties, including Washington, D.C., Leh, Perth and Millum counties. There were 6,446 power outages in those four districts.

ERCOT said it expects crashes until Monday morning, but they will last until the end of severe weather. They urge all consumers to protect their energy use.

“Every phase operator and every power company is now struggling to recover power,” said Bill Magnus, Irkot chairman and CEO.

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