abril 14, 2021

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Netflix is ​​bringing the guilt of parents to the world of superheroes with the first Thursday legacy trailer

Netflix showed the first fruits Its contract With Required, Kick-ass, and Kingsman: Secret Service CoCreated by Mark Miller. Legacy of Jupiter There is New live-action TV series Based on Miller’s comics of the same name, it seems to set up an intermediate confrontation between a group of superheroes and their less heroic children.

Legacy of Jupiter An original comment from Miller, but it seems to be playing out in some classic superhero films. . In the fame that comes with it. In the words of Netflix:

They are first generation superheroes. But as they send the torch to their children, tensions are rising – the old rules no longer apply.

Legacy of Jupiter The Streamer result was the first of several planned Netflix projects from Miller Buys his publisher Millervolt In 2017. With Legacy of Jupiter, Netflix plans to introduce other Miller sources that include everything Space bounty hunters for the Spanish language Telanovelas. With this Miller series, Netflix is ​​ready to continue the latest trend Dad issues in superhero stories.

Legacy of Jupiter Screened on May 7, 2021.