abril 14, 2021

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Mendy beat Real Madrid by 10 men late in the 8/10 scene in Atlanta.

Ferland Mendy Real Madrid drew 1-0 with 10-man Atlanta 1-0 in Pergamon on Wednesday to draw level in the Champions League round-16.

Midfielder Remo Freeler Mendy was sent off by referee Tobias Styler for just 17 minutes for a foul. It was difficult to use Moscow as ISCO in the first half, Luca Motric And Vinicius Jr. all fired towards the target. Their best opportunity came Tony Cruise‘The free kick found Casemiro, whose title was well saved by the keeper Pierloki Collini.

After the break, Modric deflected a shot wide and Vinicius fired at the bar from close range. Before Mendy finally broke the deadlock with a long-range effort in the 87th minute, Madrid continued to struggle to create clear chances.


Mendy’s late goal was a big, huge relief. Facing 10 men for more than 70 minutes and flying home from Italy with a goalless draw would have been a huge embarrassment after the uninteresting scene. Full-pack’s shocking strike changes the shape of the dive and propels Madrid’s firm favorites into the quarterfinals, although their chances beyond that are questionable.

The pre-match conversation centered on Isco, bringing one of Madrid’s biggest games of the season. It wasn’t a perfect performance by any means, but it was an inspiring one, and the playmaker was involved in what the team did best before the withdrawal.

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They may have won, but it’s often a disgusting game from Real Madrid. They did not put much pressure on Atlanta, and were often reduced to shooting confidently from a distance. There are mitigating factors – primarily, the big injury crisis – but it’s hard to escape the sense of being a team that isn’t among Europe’s elites passing its best times.

Vinicius is a very disappointing player: so much natural ability and so many admirable qualities, but so little product. Here he had a bad night, failing to work as a goalkeeper whenever an opportunity presented itself. Real Madrid still have confidence in Brazil at the senior level – you wonder if Zinedine Zidane feels the same way.

In manager rating 10

6 – Zidane made a surprise start to his XI, leaving Mariano Diaz to play without center-forward. Instead, the team withdrew, marching with Isco in the central role, and Vinicius and Marco Asensio On the side. The result was mostly disappointing.

When Vinicius fought, Zidane acted quickly Mariano, But the team was flat. With nine players still injured, there are no other experienced options, and Zidane has no choice but to return the children to Sergio. Aripas And Hugo Duro.

Player ratings (1-10; 10 = best. Rating not available for players introduced after 70 minutes)

G.K. Thibaut Courtois, 6 – Not even a saving to do at night.

D.F. Lucas Vasquez, 6 – An important first half challenge Louis Muriel Inside the box, it was generally nice.

D.F. Raphael is coming, 6 – While the early red card may have intimidated the hosts, keeping Atlanta’s very forward line quiet is a good thing.

DF Nacho, 7 – Has done well recently. Got well in the box in the first half before unleashing the wild cross shot.

D.F. Ferland Mendy, 8 – The biggest impact of any player at night. Stained early for a red card when it started to become a trademark and then scored a superb goal – his first in this match – in the last few minutes.

M.F. Cosmiro, 8 – He will miss the second leg after taking the soft yellow card, which is bad news giving his importance to the team. He was worried it might take a second when the box went down easily. Madrid had the best first half chance with his title.

MF Tony Cruise, 8 – His 308th Madrid game equaled the famous Uli Stelike as Germany and made the club look great. A free point free kick delivery to Cosmiro’s title.

MF Luca Motric, 7 – The first half was baked on top of the bar, halfway through the width, then back on top of the bar. A busy, lively performance.

MF Isco, 7 – Unexpected start. Considered a misnomer nine, however, it is actually taking familiar, advanced midfield positions. Very well done: A first half chance was widely diverted and played with a beautiful pass in Vinicius.

PW, Vinicius, Jr., 5 – The first half was caught by goalkeeper Collini. The target was shot several times and was initially withdrawn. Since he has not scored in four months, he is not the best player to lead this line.

FW Marco Asensio, 5 – A quiet first half and very little progress after that. For a player with so much talent, Asencio often goes missing in games.


FW Mariano Dias, 6 – It was a shame to be left on the bench, Zidane wanted to play without any strikers. Arriving for Vinicius, Atlanta failed to threaten the goal for more than half an hour on the pitch.

FW Sergio Aripas, N / R – Asencio came on with 15 minutes left and showed some good touches.

FW Hugo Thuro, N / R – He made his Champions League debut in place of Isco. One shot blocked.