febrero 26, 2021

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Live Updates: Andrew Cuomo Criticizes “The Daily Show” about the Nursing Home scandal

Government accuses Andrew Cuomo of manipulating Trevor Noah’s administration Data on COVID-19 in nursing homes, In the latest episode of “The Daily Show”.

It was recently revealed that the governor’s office may be Have reduced the number of corona virus deaths in nursing homes More than 50%, according to New York Attorney General Ledidia James.

Quick facts

    • The majority of people in New York do not agree with Cuomo’s handling of nursing home deaths.
    • Cuomo said his committee had chosen to prioritize the federal investigation and that the request for data for state lawmakers would be “suspended” in the meantime.

One of the biggest bombings occurred late Thursday New York Post Melissa Teroza, Cuomo’s top aide, admitted during a conference call with Democrat leaders that the administration had hidden unfavorable information about the deaths of the government’s nursing home COVID-19, worrying that it was “going to be used against us.”

“Aha, really, Governor Cuomo?” Noah asked during the chapter. “Did you lower your own numbers to make yourself beautiful?”

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