abril 14, 2021

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LG confirms exit from smartphone business

LG is out of the smartphone business, the company confirmed today. LG said the decision will “enable the company to focus resources on development areas such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business solutions from business, as well as sites and services”. Report.

Existing phones will be on sale, and LG says it will continue to support its products “for a period of time varying by region.” The company said nothing about possible layoffs, except that “employment-related details will be determined at the local level.” LG expects to close business by the end of July this year.

The move has been rumored for several months, following the division’s huge losses over the past five years. LG’s latest high-end smartphones, once considered rivals to fellow South Korean manufacturer Samsung, have struggled to compete, while its affordable handsets have faced stiff competition from Chinese competitors. The company had earlier said it hopes to build its own smartphone division Profitable in 2021.

Today’s news is that LG Long teasing rolling phone Daylight is not always possible. Finally the company showed the device This year’s virtual CES When the company insisted that the device was real and present Launches later this year.

Reports are low that LG is considering leaving smartphones The beginning of this year. A company spokesman said the company had previously sealed the company’s potential from the smartphone business.Absolutely false and without merit,Then an LG officer Confirmed Korea Herald That The company had to make a “cold judgment” about the division. Possible actions include “selling, recalling and reducing the smartphone business”.

In March, it was reported that the company was trying to find a buyer for its smartphone business, but those talks stalled, and instead it may close the division. Korean outlet East Asia He said the company has stopped the growth of upcoming phones with scrolling displays and has halted its planned smartphones in the first half of this year.

As it lost its role for rivals, LG released eye-catching devices with unusual shape-factors. Was LG Wing, Its main display rotates to reveal a small secondary screen beneath it or its latest Dual screen Devices. LG tried his hand at a modular smartphone LG G5, Only Drop the initiative a year later.

Unfortunately for LG, none of these features were enough to turn phones into major hits, while the company’s traditional handsets fell behind their competitors in key areas such as camera performance.

While many brand names are stuck in devices made by third-party manufacturers, LG has been joining the long list of high-end device makers for years to give away smartphones. Nokia’s consumer-friendly brand lives on HMT-made handsets, while BlackBerry has branding Initially D.C.L. And is ready to return this year Device created by OnwardMobility. There is also HTC, which sells some more singleball phones It sold most of its IP to Google in 2017. Who’s next?