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Latest Govt-19 Vaccine and World News

A hospital pharmacist manufactures a syringe with the Pfizer Govt-19 vaccine on December 16, 2020 in Arlington, Virginia. John McDonnell / The Washington Post / Getty Images

Both New Zealand and Australia received the first batch of Pfizer-produced Covit-19 vaccines, their leaders said Monday.

New Zealand’s ship has 60,000 sizes, which should “be enough to keep track of its frontline personnel in the coming weeks,” Prime Minister Jacinta Artern said. Vaccinations will continue in small increments.

The office of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has received more than 142,000 doses for the country, 80,000 of which will be released from 22 February. Approximately 50,000 states and territories will go to leading isolated and health workers, and 30,000 will go to elderly care and disability care residents and health workers.

“The vaccine has landed and we have accelerated the fight against the epidemic,” he said.

Australia has received 53.8 million doses of the Oxford-Astrogeneca vaccine and 51 million doses of the Novax vaccine, but both have not been approved by regulators.

Border staff first in New Zealand: Artern said authorities expect border staff and those working in isolated or isolated facilities to begin administering vaccines starting Saturday.

During the week, the vaccine will be tested for quality assurance and after the safety test is completed the dosages will be released to begin the first phase of the vaccination program.

“We expect all border workers to be vaccinated within two to three weeks, followed by their home contacts,” Artern said.

Widespread populations will be vaccinated in the second half of the year due to supply disruptions.

Artern said New Zealand has purchased enough vaccines free of charge for all residents, regardless of visa status.