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JJ Watt Free Company: Bakers among the leading competitors, received several offers per report

J.J. WattThe free agency runs wild and teams line up until Star Boss Rusher ink for a deal. While Watt has several clubs competing for his services, NFL Insider John Clayton That reports Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills And Tennessee Titans They are seen as the current leading runners to land this year’s former defender. When all three teams are seen as captains at the clubhouse at this time, Clayton mentions the Browns and Raiders In many more ranks Sweepstakes. According to Diana Rusini of ESPN, Watt has received numerous offers from teams. The best offer, for Rassini, would be paid to him at -16 15-16 million a year.

Given that he played at the University of Wisconsin, it is not surprising that he became interested in Wat Packers, who was a Beacon, Wis. Native – Growing up as a Bakers fan. The Packers have reached the last two NFC Championships, and can use some of the help in the defensive line that has recorded 82 sacks in the last two seasons (eighth in the NFL). It would be enough to add a player capable of wattage to get the Green Bay to the Super Bowl in a mounted NFC.

Bills and Watt have shown mutual interest, and the buffalo would be the best fit for a three-time defender. The buffalo act as four down linemen, playing towards the strength of the watt on the defensive line. Another team that reached its convention championship game last season, the Buffalo, recorded a title with 13 regular season wins. Pills finished last season with just 38 excuses, ranking 15th in the NFL, so adding Wat would be a big boost to the pass rush.

It’s a bit surprising to see the Titans being seen as the current leader for Watt Pittsburgh Steelers (His brothers play there) And Watt “seriously consider” The Cleveland Browns In the last week. Tennessee finished last season with just 19 excuses, the third lowest in the NFL, but Watt has a connection with a key section of the coaching staff.

Titans head coach Mike Wrobel has been with Watt in Houston for four seasons, including the first two who coached the Linebackers – when Watt won his first two Defensive Player Awards. Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen was a defensive assistant Texans In 2016 and 2017, Watt pronounced more familiarity with the defensive system.

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Watt played in all 16 games last season and finished with just five sacks, 17 quarterback wins, two forced stumbles and 29 pressures. He has just 26.5 sacks in the last five seasons, but his three Defensive Player Awards are the best NFL History with Lawrence Taylor and Aaron Donald.

Wat Texas owner records go in sacks (101.0), loss-stoppers (172), quarterback wins (282) and forced stumbles (25) with 531 total blocks, 61 passes secured and 16 stumbled restorations. Watt is the only player to have conceded more than 20 sacks and 10-plus passes in the same season (2012 and 2014) and is ranked fifth in defensive order in league history. He is the fourth fastest player in NFL history to reach 100 sacks.