abril 14, 2021

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Google is updating its iOS YouTube app, the first update to one of its flagship iOS apps since December

Google has released a bug fix for its iOS YouTube app, the first update to a major Google iOS app since December. 9to5Google Reports. Despite that Speculation that the reason Google’s attempt to bypass Apple’s new privacy labels due to lack of updates for iOS versions of Gmail, Docs, Search and Photos Apparently denied It was like that. Company a January 12 blog post It will add labels to its apps when updates are available:

As Google’s iOS apps get updated with new features or fix bugs, you’ll see updates to our app page lists that include new app privacy details. These labels indicate the maximum amount of data that can be collected – i.e. if you use every feature and service available in the application. The data you provide to Google products provides useful services, and you can always control your privacy settings by visiting your Google Account or going directly to the Google products you use on iOS.

Apple requires companies to use privacy labels launched on December 14th, before updating existing iOS applications. Some of Google’s other apps – Stadia, Authentication, Translation and Classroom, for example – already have iOS updates.

We have approached Google to ask if there will be updates for iOS versions of Gmail, Search, Docs and Photos, and will report back if we learn more.