abril 14, 2021

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Chris Doyle resigns after retreat from Jaguars coaching staff in Jacksonville

Chris Doyle resigned Jaguars in Jacksonville Training staff a day after him Controversial hiring Announced, According to ESPN Adam Schifter. Doyle was appointed by new head coach Urban Meyer to serve as Jaguars’ sports performance director, a decision that has suffered a severe setback. Given the setback, Doyle decided that continuing with the new kick was not in Jaguars’ best interest.

On Friday night, Coach Mayer released one Report Doyle said he had been approached to submit his resignation and that Jacksonville had accepted it.

“Chris Doyle came to us this evening to submit his resignation, and we accepted. Chris did not want to distract us from building in Jacksonville. We are responsible for all aspects of our project. We want to. “

The former chief strength and conditioning coach in Iowa has been placed on administrative leave following allegations that he treated many African-American players negatively and unfairly because of their race. Doyle stepped down from his post with Iowa last June.

Earlier on Friday, Rod Graves, managing director of the Fritz Pollard Coalition Issued a statement He said Boyle’s hiring was “unacceptable” and an example of the problems facing minority coaches in the mayor’s rent in the NFL.

“At a time when the NFL has failed to address its problem in racial recruitment practices, it is simply unacceptable to welcome Chris Doyle to the ranks of NFL coaches. Urban Mayor’s statement, ‘I have known Chris for over 20 years’, reflects the good Olby network, which is precisely the reason for such inequality in job opportunities for Black coaches.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance maintains diversity through education in the NFL and provides its members with resources that will help them succeed at every level of the game. According to their official website. They are not the only organization critical of the mayor’s rent, as Doyle’s place in the NFL was discussed following his announcement that he would be hired by several major sports companies.

As the Fritz Pollard Coalition points out, on Thursday, the mayor supported the hiring of Doyle when discussing his staff with reporters. He issued this statement regarding this decision NFL.com:

“I have known Chris for over 20 years and our relationship goes back to when I was in Utah. He was the No. 1 strength coach. He was doing sports performance before sports performance became a high priority in college sports. I know him. .I thoroughly researched him along with our General Manager [Trent Baalke] And owner [Shad Khan]. For rent, feel good about his expertise in that position. So we fully questioned him. The higher the game performance, the higher the priority. In the last 10 years, of course in the state of Ohio, if it was not so important – you know my relationship with the coach [Mickey] Maroti in the state of Ohio – but it comes under the umbrella of the sports performance team from strength training room, physical therapy, sports psychology and nutrition. And I wanted to get the best of the best. “

The Doyle era in Jacksonville is fast approaching, one of the best when it comes to a company with a new staff, which has been accused of not only rebuilding the football program, but also its reputation.